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We saw positive growth across all social media channels. Our paid social campaigns also performed well, resulting in a strong ROI.

We are pleased to report that our recent ad campaign for the B and B Auto Yamaha Exchange Program has been a resounding success. The campaign effectively engaged our target audience, generated substantial interest, and delivered exceptional results. We would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the campaign’s performance and key metrics.


  • Objective: The primary objective of the ad campaign was to promote the Yamaha Exchange Program offered by B and B Auto. We aimed to drive brand awareness, increase participation in the program, and ultimately boost sales for B and B Auto.


  • Ad Platforms and Channels: We strategically utilized Facebook to reach our target audience. This platform allowed us to target specific demographics and engage users across different stages of the customer journey.


  • Ad Content and Messaging: The ad content focused on highlighting the key benefits of the Yamaha Exchange Program, such as discounts, offers, EMI facilities, and other important information. We crafted compelling and visually appealing creatives to capture users’ attention and evoke interest in the program.

Audience Metrics

The ad reached 38,224 people in your audience.
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The places targeted were Sundarharicha nagarpalika , gramthan gaupalika , budhiganga gaupalika, letang nagarpalika, pathrishanishare nagarpalika, kanepokhari gaupalika, itahari upmahanagr palika, biratnagar mahanagar palika, ramdhuni nagarpalika, barah nagarpalika, kerabari gaupalika, dhankuta, bhojpur, terathum, sankhusabha, dhuhabi nagarpalika, uralabari nagarpalika, katahari gaupalika, belbari nagarpalika ,jahada gaupalika, miklajung gaupalika, rangeli nagarpalika, ratuwamai nagarpalika, sunwarshi nagarpalika, dhanpalthan gaupalika, dharan upamahanagarpalika

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Campaign Performance

Total Budget :Rs 6000/- only.
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Reach: We successfully reached a total of 38,224 individuals with our Yamaha ad, maximizing our brand exposure and increasing awareness among our target audience.

💬 Conversations Started: The ad campaign sparked engaging conversations with 107 interested users. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our messaging and the appeal of the Yamaha Exchange Program.

💰 Total Cost: Remarkably, we achieved these impressive results at a cost of Rs 6000. This reflects our efficient budget management and optimization of advertising resources.

Addy Marketing Portfolio
Addy Marketing Portfolio

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