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Dashain Offer Design

Embarking on a creative endeavor, we proudly crafted a vibrant Dashain Festival Offer poster for Aqua Water Purifier. Infused with the spirit of celebration, our design aimed to captivate audiences and spark excitement about the exclusive promotions during this auspicious occasion.

Addy Marketing Portfolio

Visual and typograpy hierarchy

With careful attention to detail, we balanced eye-catching visuals with clear messaging, guiding viewers seamlessly through the poster’s content. Vibrant hues and dynamic compositions were employed to convey the essence of Dashain, while maintaining brand consistency and recognition for Aqua Water Purifier.


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Medium Typography
Just Amazing

As the poster adorned storefronts, social media platforms, and print advertisements, it served as a beacon, drawing customers towards Aqua’s enticing festival offerings. Through our innovative design, we aimed not only to drive sales but also to foster a sense of connection and joy among consumers during this festive season.

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